Mistrāl: Songs of the Mediterranean

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Mistrāl is a wind that blows across the Mediterranean sea. Follow that wind to discover the sounds of fiery flamenco, Moroccan, Turkish and Greek Sephardic ballads and Balkan harmonies.

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Featured Performers: Tamar Ilana and Ventanas: Tamar Ilana - vocals/dance, Demetri Petalakis - oud, Benjamin Barrile - flamenco guitar, Brigitte Dajczer - violin/vocals, Andrew Pacheco - bass.

Saturday, January 27, 2024, 7:30 pm
Kamloops United Church, 423 St Paul St.


In Person: $25, $20 for CMK members, Free for students under 19. Online tickets have been sold out, sold at the door now only.

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