New Music for Piano and Viola

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This unique concert features music by the local composers Daniel Silverberg and Ryan Noakes, the Chilean composer (and occasional Logan Lake resident) Daniel Bahamondes, and the Swiss-American composer Ernest Bloch.



The Sky Around Us                 Daniel Silverberg (2021)

Daniel Silverberg, piano

Ashley Kroecher, viola

Time Lapse                             
The Sky on a Clear Night     
With Wind in Our Sails            

Solo Cello Suite no. 1          Ernest Bloch  (1956)

Ashley Kroecher, viola



Os-hyp-ti-no-ti-co           Ryan Noakes (2006)

Daniela O’Fee, piano

Mitología Musical Chilota     Daniel A. Bahamondes Dominguez   (b.1990)

Camahueto, Iron Bullock   (2008)
Pincoya, Enchantress of the Sea   (2019)
Trauco, Forest Demon   (2019)
Caleuche, Ghost Pirate Ship   (2018)
Isla de las Almas Navegantes, Island of Sailors’ Souls   (2019)
Recta Provincia, Secret Sect of Sorcerers   (2018)
Tren Tren Vilu y Cai Cai Vilu, Struggle of Serpents    (2019)

All CMK concerts start at 7:30 pm, and will be streamed live. This concert will be available online until June 26th, Saturday, 10:00 pm (Pacific Time).

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Featured Performers: Daniel Silverberg, Daniel Bahamondes, and Daniela O’Fee, piano; Ashley Kroecher, viola

Saturday, June 12, 2021, 7:30 pm
This concert is being presented online.
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$15 General, $10 CMK Members/Students, $25 Front Row, $40 Family

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