Five Year Strategic Plan



The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops is dedicated to becoming a leading organization that enriches the cultural lives of members, residents and visitors in Kamloops and the Thompson-Okanagan region of British Columbia by increasing the enjoyment and appreciation of chamber music.

Chamber Musicians of Kamloops is a well-known, respected non-profit organization enjoying a diversity of board members and performers, financial security, and many faithful concertgoers who have a rich interest, understanding and appreciation of chamber music.

Concerts are of high musical caliber
-Respect and collaboration
-Artistic freedom
-Musical excellence
-Support local musicians from the Thompson-Okanagan area of BC

Diversity and Variety
CMK supports and promotes diversity and variety in all we do

-Variety of music styles and composers
-Variety of professional, amateur and student performers
-Variety of musical instruments and voices
-Variety of venues and concert formats
-Diversity of board members and volunteers
-Diversity of audiences including students, seniors, and families

Connection and Inspiration
CMK Concerts provide deepening connection and meaning to the lives of concertgoers and performers

-Intimate and personal concert experiences that connect with a variety of audiences
-Meaningful connection to the local and broader communities
-Inspiring music performances
-Deeply satisfying and rewarding performer experiences


  1. Audience Growth
    Goal: CMK will have an increasing number of concertgoers attending concerts.
    Strategic Objectives:
    -Concert ticket prices continue to be affordable.
    -CMK will be widely known through branding and media.
    -CMK will reach out to the community to earn respect and awareness and to promote concerts.
    -CMK will be recognized as a valued contributor to the cultural scene in the Thompson-Okanagan region.
    -CMK will continue to provide both in-person and online concert experiences.
    -Concerts will include educational components or concert/lecture formats.
    -Concert programs will be offered for a diversity of audiences (i.e. students, seniors, other).
  1. Financial Security and Sustainability
    Goal: CMK will have adequate and increasing funding through regular and consistent donations, sponsorships, and grants in addition to ticket revenues.
    Strategic Objectives:
    -CMK will have funding through a variety of sources.
    -CMK will strive to provide commensurate remuneration to musicians for their performances.
    -CMK will have an adequate and growing base of volunteers for maintaining financial sustainability.
    -CMK will develop and maintain an operational needs plan to guide grant applications and future projects based on the strategic plan.
  1. Board Diversity
    Goal: The CMK board will be made up of members with diverse expertise who desire to work together to achieve the goals of the organization.
    Strategic Objectives:
    -CMK will have a diverse board membership.
    -CMK will ensure representational balance of performing musicians and music lovers on the board of directors.
    -CMK will ensure that board roles are clearly defined and duties are delegated.
  1. Quality Production
    Goal: CMK strives to produce concerts of high production quality.
    Strategic Objectives:
    -CMK will identify and solve production challenges including lighting, sound, and instruments.
    -CMK will secure equipment and venues that offer the highest quality concert experience possible.
    -CMK will evaluate each concert production with performers and concertgoers.
    -CMK will ensure that high musical quality of the concert production is maintained.