Program Description

Program Description – Chamber Musicians of Kamloops
2022/23 Concert Series Project

The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops (CMK) is dedicated to becoming a leading organization that enriches the cultural lives of members, residents and visitors in Kamloops and the Thompson-Okanagan region of British Columbia by increasing the enjoyment and appreciation of chamber music. CMK is a non-profit society operating informally since the fall of 2008 and formally as an incorporated, registered non profit society since October 2011.

Who Participates and Benefits from the Program?

We encompass a collection of 27 performing members and up to 60 non-performing members. The number of tickets sold locally, regionally and provincially averages 48.25 over the last year and ranges 30-70 patrons at each concert. The concerts are attracting larger audiences each year. Total attendance over the last year was 302 and an additional 197 during the 3 months preceding the COVID pandemic for a total of 497 attendees in 15 months.
CMK, in collaboration with the Kamloops Festival of the Performing Arts, offers an award to a deserving young chamber group of senior students to perform at one of our concerts. The chamber group is chosen by the Chamber Group Adjudicator.

Program Activities

The CMK produces an annual Concert Series that runs each year from September to June. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic two concerts were cancelled in 2020 but we were able to deliver the rest of the season’s concerts via live-streaming. Our concert series project is able to successfully adapt to changing circumstances. Currently, the planning is underway for ten concerts to occur in the 2022/23 CMK Concert Series presented in the City of Kamloops. We are anticipating that the Covid-19 restrictions will not interfere with the 2022/23 concert season. Our project is to produce ten live concerts that are also live-streamed and available following the live streaming for a two-week period to those ticket holders who paid for live streaming tickets during the 2022/2023 concert season running from September 2022 through June 2023.

How is the Program Delivered?

The concert series is delivered by paid professional or professional quality musicians, with the occasional guest student or amateur performer. The performers are supported at concerts by volunteer producers, ushers, box office and stage assistants. Our volunteer base is approximately a group of 10-12 dedicated volunteers.
A professional videographer and audio technician are hired to live-stream and record the concerts. The rate of remuneration for the video and audio technicians is modest, reflecting a partial donation of their time to the society. Due to COVID-19 and our need to live-stream concerts during the 2021/2022 season, the total cost of producing the concert series has increased.

Chamber music is performed by small groups of musicians in more intimate venues, in contrast to full orchestral concerts in larger halls. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the CMK was able to quickly adapt delivery of productions through live-streaming and video recordings. This allowed us reach out to audiences locally, regionally and provincially. We plan to continue this practice and adapt to any new restrictions or challenges if needed.

Why is the Program needed in the Community?

CMK contributes to the quality of Kamloops community life by providing the opportunity for citizens to experience live performances of high quality chamber music in their community. In addition, live –streaming broadens the reach of the concerts locally, regionally and provincially. Visitors to the community or those who live in neighbouring communities also attend concerts. This enriches cultural opportunities for both residents and visitors and increases the availability of rich cultural experiences in the city of Kamloops.

This project supports local, regional, provincial musicians and composers. The society works collaboratively with touring chamber groups. This allows Kamloops residents to experience a greater variety of performers. The Chamber Musicians of Kamloops is the only organization that offers chamber music in the region on a regular basis. The purposes of the society continues to focus on local professional musicians and composers as the core of the majority of performances.

Accessibility and Inclusivity

Performers and composers earn fees at rates far below the professional rate, enabling the society to offer the concert series at affordable prices. Live-stream ticket costs have been reduced to $15.00, family $40.00 and sponsorship (partial donation) live tickets at $25.00 per ticket. Live-streaming of the concert series ensures greater accessibility for individuals who may need to self-isolate and restrict social interactions. It provides more flexibility for people who cannot attend a live concert as they can watch the concerts from the comfort of their homes and/or at a more convenient time of day. Live streaming also expands audiences and can assist those who live in surrounding communities.

Advertising is provided locally through radio interviews, newspaper articles, reviews and on-line platforms such as Facebook page “Chamber Musicians of Kamloops” and the CMK website: Word of mouth is also an important method in which audiences and community members learn about our concerts. Beautiful posters and pamphlets are also distributed widely in public locations, hotels, and through other arts organizations, and by society members and supporters.

The CMK society supports Truth and Reconciliation and is working on ways to grow in reflecting this through performance content and through other means into the future.

Community Support

The 2021/2022 concert series has been supported by a community arts grant through the City of Kamloops and a BC Lotteries community gaming grant. Other arts organizations insert our concert bookmarks in their programs (Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, Western Canada Theatre) and occasionally provide a complimentary advertisement in their program. The Kamloops Symphony Orchestra has provided rehearsal space during the pandemic. CFJC TV has also supported our concerts by broadcasting pre-recorded excerpts of programs in advance of the concert, or by interviewing musicians. Western Canada Theatre has provided free advertising for CMK in theatre programs. Beautiful posters and brochures are distributed throughout the community by volunteers. A group of dedicated volunteers allows CMK to keep costs of producing concerts low. Generous community members support our society through donations and the Kamloops United Church currently provides the venue at a reduced rate. CMK musicians and volunteers are very appreciative of the community support received.